Maine Wood Concepts ® is the leading manufacturer of Custom Wood Handles and Wooden Handles. Made with Pride in the USA!

custom wooden handles, custom wood turnings, painted wooden handles, handles turned from wood, wood handle manufacturing - USA, wood turning -USAMaine Wood Concepts ® is your full-service manufacturer of wood handles.  Our experienced staff and comprehensive manufacturing facilities allow us to offer you the broadest range of custom wood handles found anywhere in the industry. We produce from a wide range of wood species, including White Birch, Yellow Birch, Ash, Maple and Red Oak.  Made in USA

Following are examples of a few of the handles we have produced.

Bail_Handle.jpg,custom wooden handles, custom wood turnings, wood handle manufactured in USA,wooden bale handle woodgrain

Bail Handle

Molded_Wood_Handle___counter_sunk_holes__Walnut_Stain___end.jpg, flat wood handle for grill, custom wood handle made in usa

Molded Wood Handle – Walnut Stained


L_Image_custom_red_handle.jpg, custom wood handle made in usa, wood handle with hole thru the centerR_Image_custom_red_handle.jpg

Custom Handle – Painted Orange

Ball_Knob_Handle___Green.jpg, green wood handle,wood turning made in the usa

Ball Knob Handle

Custom_Ergonomic_Wood_Handle.jpg,wooden spatula style handle, wood handle with cross bored hole at end, natural finish

Custom Wood Ergonomic Handle

Birch_Handle_with_Thru_Hole.jpg,custom wood handle with clear finish,white birch wood handle


Birch Handle

Blue_Handle_with_cross_bored_and_thru_holes.jpg,custom wood handle with flared end,wooden handle with cross hole, custom handle made in usa


Custom Blue Wooden Handle with cross bore and thru hole

Custom Handle painted lime green_1.jpg, bright green wood handle,small line green handle

Custom Lime Green Wood Handle

Custom_Ash_Handle_With_Cross_Bore_Hole.jpg,ash woodgrain handle,large ash handle, ash handle with natural finish

Custom Ash Handle

Custom_Handle_with_Ferrule.jpg,white birch handle with metal ferrule, wood handle natural finish


Custom Handle with Ferrule

Spatula_Handle____hole_on_the_right.jpg,straight spatula handle, wood spatula handle

Spatula_Tip.jpg Spatula_End_with_hole.jpg

Custom Spatula Handle

Custom_Handle_with_Flats_and_Cross_Bore_Hole.jpg,form fitted wood handle,special shape wood handle, custom made wood handle

Custom Handle with Flat Sides and Cross Bore hole

Custom_Handle_with_Walnut_Finish.jpg, walnut finish handle, wood handle gloss finish, custom wood handle with recessed end and thru hole


Custom Wood Handle with Walnut Finish

Custom_Maple_Handle___Unfinished.jpg,maple wood handle, wooden handle flared end, custom wood handle with rings on shaft


Custom Maple Handle – unfinished

Custom_Square_Wood_Handle.jpg,small square wooden handle,custom wood handle natural finish

Custom Square Wood Handle

Custom_Wooden_Handle.jpg,oak wood handle, specialty wooden handle with recess for grip, custom wood handle with ring shaft


Custom Wooden Handle

Custom_Wood_Handle___Clear_Varnish.jpg, wood handle with finger grooves,custom made wood handle with 3 rings on shaft

Custom Wood Handle – Clear Finish

Custom_Tool_Handle___Painted_Yellow.jpg, Lutz file handle painted, yellow wood handle with metal ferrule

Custom Tool Handle – Yellow

Custom_Wood_Tool_Handle_with_Brass_Ferrule___profile.jpg, mahogany finish handle, classic wood tool handle,


Custom wood tool Handle with Brass Ferrule

Custom_Wood_Handle_with_Flats.jpg,custom shape wood handle, custom handle with clear finish, flat sided wood handle

Custom Wood Handle With Flats

Custom_Wood_Handle_with_Tenon.jpg, wood dowel with shaped handle end, wood handle with dowel rod

Custom Wood Handle with Tenon

Custom_Wooden_Handle_with_Clear_Finish.jpg, Birch handle with 7 rings on end,custom design wood handle natutal finish

Custom Wooden handle with clear finish

Extra_Large_Ash_Bail_Handle.jpg, handle with nice woodgrain, ash wood handle, pale handle

Extra Large Ash Bail Handle

Flat_Sided_Wood_Handle___Green.jpg, dark green wood handle, green painted shaped wood handle

Flat sided Wood Handle

Handle_with_Walnut_Stain.jpg,custom wood handle with counter sunk holes, wood handle made in usa

Handle with Walnut stain

Hard_Maple_Handle_with_cross_bored_hole.jpg, large wood handle, turned wood handle

Hard Maple Handle with cross bored hole

Heavy_Duty_Wood_Handle___Yellow.jpg, large yellow wood handle, wood handle designed to fit hand

Heavy Duty Wood Handle

Industrial_Tool_Handle__painted_orange.jpg,painted wood handle with thru holes, custom made industrial wood handle


Industrial Tool Handle


Industrial_Tool_Handle_with_hanger_bolt_L.jpg, Heavy Duty wood handle,large wood tapered handle, rugged wood tool handle with metal ferrule

Industrial Tool Handle with ferrule and hanger

Industrial_Wood_Handle__Blue.jpg, long wood handle painted blue, wood tool handle made in usa

Industrial Wood Handle – Blue

Knife_Handle_with_Ferrule.jpg, wood utility knife handle, wooden utility knife handle with metal ferrule

Knife Handle with ferrule

Large_Screw_Driver_Handle___Stained.jpg, specialty wood screwdriver handle, wood screwdriver handle made in usa

Large Wooden Screw Driver Handle – stained

Lutz_Short_Ferrule_custom_painted_red.jpg, painted wood file handle, Lutz file handle painted

Lutz Short Ferrule File Handle custom painted red

Maple_Rolling_Pin_Handle.jpg, wood gourmet rolling pin handle, hard maple handle, rock maple wood handle made in usa

Maple Rolling Pin Handle

Ribbed_Handle.jpg, custom wood handle with ribs, wood handle with natural finish

Ribbed Handle

Ribbed_Handle__Plain.jpg, specialty ribbed wood handle, long ribbed wood handle

Ribbed Handle – Plain

Ribbed_Handle_painted_Black.jpg, hesavy duty black wood handle, wood handle designed to fit hand

Ribbed Handle painted black

Rock_Maple_Tool_Handle.jpg, small sugar maple wood handle, hard maple wooden handle

Rock Maple Tool Handle

Screw_Driver_Handle_Painted_Red_with_Ferrule.jpg, wood scredriver handle made in usa, old fashioned wood scredriver handle

Screw Driver Handle – Wood

Small_Screw_Driver_Handle___Stained.jpg, small wood screwdriver handle, square shaped wood screwdriver handle

Small Screwdriver Handle

Small_Wooden_Handle_with_Ferrule.jpg, wood handle fit in the palm of your hand, small wood tool handle, small wooden handle made in usa

Small Wooden Handle with ferrule

Small_wood_Specialty_Handle___stained.jpg, wood pin strip paint handle, small wood paint handle

Small Wooden Specialty Handle

Specialty_Wood_Handle.jpg, large white birch wood custom handle, large wood handle with natural finish

Specialty_Wood_Handle_L.jpg, custom wood handle with custom endSpecialty_Wood_Handle_R.jpg, specialty wood handle with circle and point marks on end

Specialty Wood Handle

Specialty_Wood_Handle___Red.jpg, Wood roaster handle, slender wooden handle painted red

Specialty Wood Handle – Red

Stained_Oak_Bail_Handle.jpg, oak wood pail handle, oak handle made in the usa

Stained Oak Bail Handle

Stained_Wood_Handle_with_3_Rings.jpg, wood handle with tapered neck

Stained Wood Handle

Stamp_Handle__Burgundy.jpg, wooden stamp handle, wood stamp handle made in the usa

Stamp Handle

Tapered Wood Handle - Maple_1.jpg, hard maple handle with flared end

Tapered_Wood_Handle_____Maple_L.jpg, tappered wood handle with hole through center Tapered_Wood_Handle_____Maple_R.jpg

Tapered Wood Handle – Maple

Tool_Handle.jpg, unfinished wooden tool handle, tool handle with groove for ferrule

Tool Handle – Wood

Tool_Handle_With_Cross_Bored_Hole.jpg, wood tool handle with hanging hole

Tool Handle with Crossed Bored Hole

Tool_Handle_with_Ferrule.jpg, wooden tool handle with ferrule, wood handle made in usa

Tool Handle with ferrule

Utility_Handle_with_Walnut_Finish.jpg, wood utility knife handle, wood utility handle with ferrule and walnut finish, wood utility handle made in usa

Utility Handle with Walnut Finish

Utility_Knife_Handle___Clear_Finish.jpg, birch wood utility knife handle, wooden utlity handle with clear finish

Utility_Knife_Handle_with_clear_finish_L.jpg, wood utiltiy knif handle with ferrule mae for blade

Utility Knife Handle with clear finish

Walnut_Handle.jpg, Walnut handle, walnut wood handle usa


Walnut Handle

Walnut_Stained_Wooden_Handle.jpg, walnut handle made in usa,walnut handle with large end hole

Walnut Stained Wooden Handle


Rock_Maple_Tool_Handle_L.jpg, wood tool handle with wood threads, end of wood tool handle with ferrule

Rock Maple Tool Handle

Wood_Gavel_Handle.jpg, small tapered wood handle, small wood handle with 4 grooves near end

Wood Gavel Handle

Wood_Handle_with_Ferrule___black.jpg, wood handle painted black with metal ferule, speciaty hwooden handle with rings and ferrule

Wood_Handle_With_Ferrule_L.jpg, end of painted black wood hande with thru hole, usaWood_Handle_with_Ferrule_R.jpg, wood handle with large thru-hole

Wood Handle with Ferrule and Thru Hole

Wood_Handle_with_Ferrule_and_Cross_Bored_Hole.jpg, form fitted wooden handle with ferrule, wood handle with natural finish and cross bored hole

Wood Handle with ferrule and cross bored hole

Wood_Handle_with_hanger_bolt.jpg, large wood handle with bolt inserted in end, wooden handle with bolt and finish

Wood Handle with hanger bolt

Wood_Jump_Rope_Handle___Green.jpg, wooden handle painted green,wood handle usa, wood turned handle

Wood Jump Rope Handle

Wood_Tool_Handle_with_Ferrule_and_hanger_bolt.jpg, large birch wood handle with bolt, hanger bolt and ferrule on wood handle

Wood_Tool_Handle_with_Ferrule_and_hanger_bolt_L.jpg, bolt inserted into end of wooden handle, wood handle with bolt made in usa

Wood Tool Handle with Ferrule and hanger bolt

Wooden_Utility_Knife_Handle___Green.jpg, wood utility knif handle stained green, utility handle with groove on end for ferrule

Wooden Utility Knife Handle

Turning_Wood_Into_What_You_need_471_x112.jpg, Mainw Wood Concepts, Turning Wood Into What You Need