Furniture Buttons & Plugs

Maine Wood Concepts ® is the leading manufacturer of Wooden Furniture Buttons, Wood Screw Hole Plugs and Wooden Screw Hole Plugs customized to meet your volume needs. We can produce from Ash, Birch, Maple and Oak, Plain or Finished. Made in the USA!

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Maine Wood Concepts can manufacture a broad range of Wooden Furniture Buttons and Screw Hole Plug designs. We can customize a design that is just right for you. Contact us to learn more about the full range available for order on a custom basis. Made in USA

Following are a few examples of what we have custom made for others:

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Mushroom Wood Furniture Plugs


Flat Head Wood Plugs


Round Head Wood Plugs


Oak Plugs Assorted


Specialty Square Headed Wood Plugs


Custom Finishes – Buttons and Plugs


Custom Wood Plug with Center Hole


Extra Long Shaft Mushroom Plug


Extra Large Wood Plug


Custom Finish Oak Insert


Custom Wood Plug

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