Maine Wood Concepts ® manufactures Custom Wooden Toy Axles and Wood Toy Axle Pegs for Wood Toy Wheels to meet your exacting needs. Plain or finished, let us Quote today. Made with Pride in the USA

Assorted_Wood_Toy_Axle_Pegs.jpMaine Wood Concepts ® manufactures a broad range of Custom Wooden Toy Axles and Wood Axle Pegs. We can customize a size that is just right for you from .375” up to 3” in diameterContact us to learn more about the full range available for order on a custom basis.

Made in USA

Following are just a few examples of what we have custom made for others:

Custom_Precision_Wooden_Axle.jpg, wood axle toy wheel

Custom Precision Wooden Axel – 0.191” D X 1.127” L

Custom_Wood_Axle_.1875_D_x_1.1875_shaft_and_.375_D_Hub.jpg, wooden toy axle plain, small wood axle with hub

 Custom Wood Axle 3/36” D x 1-3/16” L shaft & 3/8” D Hub


Wooden Toy Axle with grooved shaft

Custom_Wood_Toy_Axle_.218_D_x_1.0_L_shaft_and_.375_D_hub.jpg, axle for toy wood wheel

Wooden Toy Axle Peg 7/32” D X 1” L shaft

Custom_Wood__Axle_with_Rings_.250_D_X_.750_L.jpg, custom wood turned axle with rings on shaft, ringed wood axle

Custom Wood Axle with Rings 1/4” D X 3/4” L Shaft

Custom_Wood_Axle_.1875_D_x_1.1875_shaft_and_.375_D_Hub.jpg, wooden toy axle, wood turned toy axle

Wood Wheel Axle 0.1875” D X 1.1875” shaft

Custom_Wood_Axle_Pin_painted_blue.jpg, wooden toy axle, blue wood axle pin

Custom Wood Axle Pin painted blue

Wood_Toy_Axle_for_Wheel_.250_D_x_.785_L_shaft.jpg, wood axle for toy wheel

Toy Wood Wheel Axle – 1/4” D X 7/8” L shaft

Custom_made_Wooden_Toy_Axle_.3125_D_x_.750_shaft_and_.500_D_hub___painted_blue.jpg, wood axle peg, custom wood turning

Custom Made Wooden Toy Axle .3125”D x .750” shaft- painted


WoodToy Axle with ringed shaft – clear finish

Custom_Wood_Toy_Axle_.250_D_x_1.25_shaft_and_.500_D_hub.jpg, wooden axle toy part

Wood Toy Axle 1/2” D x 1-1/4”L shaft & 1/2” D Hub

Custom_Wood_Toy_Axle_Peg_.3125_D_x__2_L.jpg, wooden axle for toy wheel

Custom Wood Wheel Axle Peg 0.3125” D X 2”L

Wood_Axle_.3125_D_x_1.75_shaft_and_.625_D_hub..jpg, wooden toy axle peg

Wood Axle 5/16” D x 1-3/4”L shaft & Large 5/8” D Hub

Assorted_Wooden_Axle_pegs___painted.jpg, yellow painted wood toy axle, wood toy axle painted red, custom painted wood axles

Assorted Finished Wood Axles

Custom_Made_Wooden_Toy_Axle_Pegs___assorted_plain.jpg, wood toy axle pins, large assortment of custom wood axles

Assorted Wooden Toy Axles

Turning_Wood_Into_What_You_need_471_x112.jpg, custom wood turning