Maine Wood Concepts ® manufactures Wooden Balls customized to meet your exacting needs. Plain or finished, let us Quote today. Made in USA

Custom_Made_Wood_Balls.jpg, Wooden Balls Made in USA, Painted Custom Wood Balls, precision wooden sphereMaine Wood Concepts manufactures a broad range of Custom Wooden Ball designs. We can customize a size that is just right for you from .375” up to 3” in diameterContact us to learn more about the full range available for order on a custom basis.

Made in USA

Following are just a few examples of what we have custom made for others:

Custom_Round_Balls_with_Flats___painted.jpg, painted wood balls, custom wooden balls, wood turning USA

Custom Round 1-1/4” Balls  with Flats – painted


2” Wooden Ball with Clear Finish


3/4” to 1-1/2” Assorted Round Balls – Painted


1-1/4” to 3” Wood Balls – unfinished


Custom Wood Ball Assembly


Custom 2” Wood Ball with Stain and Finish


1-1/4” Custom Round Ball with Flat


Custom 2” Half Wood Ball – painted


Assorted Half Wooden Balls – unfinished


Custom 3” Wood Ball – Oval

Turning_Wood_Into_What_You_need_471_x112.jpg, Maine Wood Concepts, Turning Wood Into What You Need