Finishing Capabilities

Assorted_Finished_items_400X315.jpg, finished and painted wood turnings, stained wood handles, lacquer finish, varnish, assorted wood parts with finish and paint, enamal, watrer based paint, chainm on edge finish

Maine Wood Concepts ® offers tumble, spray and chain-on-edge finishes available in a wide pallet of paint and stain colors. We evaluate your needs and offer solutions using Acrylic, Enamel or Water-based finishes suitable for a variety of uses including food-grade and child-safe products.

As an added service, our unique ability to provide custom color matching allows us to meet the needs of our most discriminating customers. Contact Maine Wood Concepts today to find out what finish is best for you.

Following are some examples of Finishes that we can provide:

finishprods2_easter_Eggs.jpg, painted easter eggs, colorfully painted easter eggs, tumble finished wood parts

Wood Easter Eggs – Tumble Finished

Wood_Apples___Chain_on_Edge_Spray_Finish.jpg, spray finish wood apples, chain-on-edge sprayline finish wood items

Wood Apples – Chain On Edge Spray Finish

Oak_Spindle_with_Clear_Finish.jpg, clear varnish on wood part, turned spindle with clear finish

Oak with clear finish

Small_Mahogany_Stained_Knob___top.jpg, wood knob with mahogany stain clear finish, wood finish usa

Mahogany Stain with Finish

Industrial_Tool_Handle__painted_orange.jpg, wood tool handle orange paint, custom wooden handle painted

Custom Orange Paint

Ash_Knobs_with_Clear_Finish___top.jpg, clear varnish on ash wood knob, clear finish custom-made wooden ash knob

Ash with Clear Finish

Custom_Round_Ball_with_Flat.jpg, custom wood ball painted red, high gloss red paint on wood part, shiny red paint on wooden knob

Red Enamel

Wood_YO_YO_with_Clear_Finish.jpg, clear finish on wood yo-yo, natural clear finish on wooden yo yo, beautiful wood grain with clear finish

Birch with Clear Finish

Flat_Sided_Wood_Handle___Green.jpg, wood handle painted dark green, green enamel paint wooden handle, painted wood handle usa

Green Enamel

Stained_Ball_Knob_with_threaded_insert___profile.jpg. walnut stain on wood ball knob, walnut stain with clear finish

Walnut Stain with Finish

Wood_People___Game_Parts.jpg, child safe paint usa, bright colors painted wood game pieces, colorful bright painted wood people

Child Safe Finish on Game Parts

Large_Screw_Driver_Handle___Stained.jpg, custom stained wood screwdriver handle, custom stain wood handle usa

Custom Stain

Specialty_Wood_Handle___Red.jpg, wood handle painted red, specialty wooden handle painted red

Custom Red

Pepper_Mill__Chain_On_Edge_Spray_Stain_and_Finish.jpg, peppermil with sprayline finish, chain-on-edge spray finish on wood part, chain-on-edge usa spray finish

Pepper Mill – Chain On Edge Spray Stain and Finish

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