Value Added Services

Value Added Services include,assembly, bagging, painting, printing, finishing, thru-hole drilling, cross bore drilling, ferruling and threading. Made in USA.

Custom_Wood_Handle_with_Walnut_Finish_L.jpg, custom walnut handle, custom drilling on wood handle Rock_Maple_Tool_Handle_L.jpg, custom wood tool handle, wood handle with wood threads Wood_Tool_Handle_with_Ferrule_and_hanger_bolt_L.jpg, wood handle with threaded bolt in end, hanger bolt in wooden handle

From specialized secondary processes to assembly, bagging & printing, Maine Wood Concepts offers a wide range of capabilities. Whether your product is made of wood or other materials such as plastic or metal, Maine Wood Concepts can help. To find our more, contact us today!

Our Value-Added Operations Include:

Custom_Wood_Handle_with_Walnut_Finish_L.jpg, counter sunk hole in handle end, thru hole drilling in wood handle, custom end on wood handle, custom tool handle end

Counter Sunk and Thru-Hole Drilling


Wood Threading and Ferrule

Wood_Tool_Handle_with_Ferrule_and_hanger_bolt_L.jpg, wood tool handle with wood threads, wooden tool handle with metal ferrule

Hanger Bolt Assembly and Ferrule


Foil Printing, Stain & Finish and Ferrule


Pad Printing


Slabbing and Tenon


Custom_Drilling.jpg, custom drilling on wood handle, concentric holes in wooden handle

Custom Drilling

Custom_Edge_and_Hole.jpg, custom hole on wood handle, wood spatula handle

Custom Edge and Hole

Custom_Tapered_End.jpg, custom tapered end wood handle, custom wood handle usa

Custom Tapered End

Custom_Edge_Profile.jpg, custom edge design on wood handle

Custom Edge Profile

Cross_Bored_Hole_and_End_Hole.jpg, custom cross bored hole in wood part, custom drilling in wood part, custom wood part usa

Custom Cross-Bored Hole with End Hole

Brass_Ferrule.jpg, custom brass ferrule on wooden handle, brass ferrule custom wood tool handle

Brass Ferrule

Custom_Ferrule.jpg, wood handle with custom ferrule, custom ferrule for knife blade

Custom Ferrule

Cross_bored_Tenon.jpg, wood tenon with drilled hole, wood turning with drilled hole

Cross Bored Tenon

Concentric_Counter_Sunk_Cross_Bored_Holes.jpg, concentric holes in wood handle, concentric cross bored holes in wooden handle

Concentric Cross Bored Holes

White_House_Easter_Eggs.jpg, painted wood easter egg, white house easter egg roll, custom printing on wood easter egg

Painting and Pad Printing

WhatYouNeed.jpg, maine wood concepts, turning wood into what you need, maine wood turnings